Email Settings

You may not have realised it, but spaceonline offers both regular and secure mail services. With more and more opportunities to use email on mobile devices, security is becoming more important and we’ve made it as easy as possible for our customers to use it. We support both POP and IMAP in both standard and secure versions. Here’s a handy list of the settings you should use in your email client:

  • Mail Username: Use the full email address e.g.
  • Incoming Mail Server (Standard POP or IMAP):
  • Incoming Mail Server (Secure POP): on port 995
  • Incoming Mail Server (Secure IMAP): on port 993
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): on port 26
  • Outgoing Mail Server (Secure SMTP): on port 465
  • IMAP Path Prefix: INBOX
where “” is the domain name of your hosting account.

In order to send email you must make sure any setting in your email client saying “my server requires authentication” (or similar) is enabled (and is using your email address and password), otherwise sending mail will fail. Sometimes your network provider may block using your own mailserver to send SMTP at all, in which case you should change your settings to those recommended by your ISP.

Webmail is available for all users at:

and you can choose to use either SquirrelMail, Horde or RoundCube software once you’ve logged in.