Spam Filtering with SpamExperts

A reliable email system is extremely important to most people’s use of the internet, and a reliable way of getting rid of email spam is essential. We use the SpamExperts system to weed out as many bogus, unwanted or virus-infected emails as we can – automatically. We’ll be writing more here shortly to explain the system, and how you can control it.

We’ll explain why we remove spam, and show how it works.

We’ll have links to articles that explain:

  • How to disable spam filtering;
  • How to disable the quarantine;
  • How to whitelist an email sender;
  • How to get reports via email;
  • How to login to release emails
  • What to do if emails are mislabelled as spam
  • What to do if emails continue to be mislabelled
  • What to do if spam email arrives in your inbox
  • What to do if spam email continues to be delivered to your inbox

Watch This Space!