Spam Filtering with SpamExperts

A reliable email system is extremely important to most people’s use of the internet, and a reliable way of getting rid of email spam is essential. We use the SpamExperts system to weed out as many bogus, unwanted or virus-infected emails as we can – automatically. We’ll be writing more here shortly to explain the system, and how you can control it.

We’ll explain why we remove spam, and show how it works.

We’ll have links to articles that explain:

  • How to disable spam filtering;
  • How to disable the quarantine;
  • How to whitelist an email sender;
  • How to get reports via email;
  • How to login to release emails
  • What to do if emails are mislabelled as spam
  • What to do if emails continue to be mislabelled
  • What to do if spam email arrives in your inbox
  • What to do if spam email continues to be delivered to your inbox

Watch This Space!



Email Settings

You may not have realised it, but spaceonline offers both regular and secure mail services. With more and more opportunities to use email on mobile devices, security is becoming more important and we’ve made it as easy as possible for our customers to use it. We support both POP and IMAP in both standard and secure versions. Read More

All Change!

A Server Update will take place on the night of Tuesday 22nd February between 20:00 and 09:00 the following morning. During this maintenance period all services will be unavailable, websites will display a maintenance page and email will be held for delivery once service is restored.

This upgrade is taking place to move your service to a new, faster server with some upgraded features and performance. There are many ‘under the hood’ changes taking place, read on for full details… Read More

How to send email via Spaceonline

Some ISPs (the people that supply your internet connection) block outgoing email on the standard port 25 (SMTP) in an effort to stop email clients to sending out email via any other mailserver other than their own. This is done to try and reduce the amount of spam and virus activity, but means that most email clients will need a small change in their settings if you wish to use the spaceonline mailserver to send email from your account.

If you wish to use the spaceonline server to send email, rather than your ISP, you can try changing your email program to use port 26 for SMTP instead of port 25. You will also need to provide your spaceonline password in the SMTP settings of your mail client for this to work. We provide port 26 as an alternate SMTP port specifically to solve the problem of ISPs blocking port 25. This problem does not occur if you use webmail.

How do I change the SMTP port?


  • From the menu bar: Tools > Accounts > Select your Account > Properties > Advanced
  • Now change the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) setting to 26
  • Click OK, then Finish
  • Restart Outlook


  • From the menu bar: Tools > Accounts > choose account > Account Settings
  • Click Click here for advanced sending options
  • Check the box labeled Override default SMTP port and change the port to 26
  • Close the panel and click OK
  • Close the Accounts window to save your settings

Apple Mail:

  • From the menu bar: Mail > Preferences… > Accounts > Account Information > Outgoing Mail Server  > Edit SMTP Server List
  • Select the Advanced tab, click Use custom port and set it to 26
  • Click OK then close the preferences window and save the settings


  • From the menu bar:  Edit > Account Settings > Outgoing Server (SMTP)
  • On the right hand side select your server and click Edit
  • Change the port number to 26
  • Click OK
  • Restart Thunderbird